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Roulette History

The first type of roulette that was ever formed was devised in the France of the eighteenth century. It is actually a fusion of the American Roly-Poly, the EO and the Ace of Hearts.

The Italian board games of Hoca and Birbi and “roulette” also went into the making of the game as it stands today. The game is a highly developed one compared to the one which was in first use. It underwent a lot of change in rules and strategies as time went by. Today, even the wheel is different from what it used to be. The changes were very often necessitated by the various cheating strategies that the roulette players incorporated.

The current version of the game available to us today had started in the late eighteenth century. The starting place was obviously Paris, the capital of the founder country. The first description of the game was in a French novel of the times “La Roulette, ou le Jour”. This was a novel by Jacques Lablee and has a description of roulette wheels used in Paris in those times. An earlier version of reference to this game is known. But, any type of gambling was banned in those days, especially roulette. Therefore a book with such a reference was bound to be banned.

In the year of eighteen hundred and forty three however, Francois and Louis Blanc, two French fellowmen introduced the “0” style roulette. The casino where it was started was in the town of Homburg in Germany. This style brought in variety and more winning options for the player. Pitting their fortune against luck men and women alike started playing the game. The “0” system was initially introduced to compete with the other roulette houses. But, soon it became so popular that every roulette house incorporated the “0” wheel.

In the American history of roulette, the story was somewhat different. The wheels had numbers through one to twenty eight with a single zero slot, a double zero slot and a slot with an American eagle. These three extra slots were a chance for the owner of the casinos to win something for himself as well. Whenever the ball fell in any one of the three slots, the croupier would clean the table of all the chips. He would take away all the chips for himself except the ones which have been betted on that particular slot. The return of this slot is equal to that of the other slots; twenty seven to one. As such, the player doesnot gain anything more than a normal winning; the casino wins the entire table.

But, it was only in the late eighteenth century that the roulette became so famous amongst all the countries of Europe and America. Earlier, Germany, France and America were the only dealers of roulette. Now, it spread all over UK and other countries. It soon turned into the most popular and the most famous of all casino games. Owing to this huge popularity of the gambling game, the German government put a ban on it. The initial “0” developers, the Blanc family moved to the last remaining legal casino in the world and settled there. They moved to Monet Carlo and there popularised the “0” wheel which was them exported to other parts of the world.

Roulette is a highly glamorous game and is also called the “King of all Casino Games”.

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