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Playtech Roulette

Playtech Roulette: Playing the Best!

Players who love casino style games have found additional opportunities for game play with the advent of online casinos. One of the more popular offerings that players enjoy playing is roulette. For its part, Playtech roulette provides players with the type of gaming entertainment they are looking for. Players who want to play the best games in the online casino industry look for those venues that are powered by Playtech software.

Those players who are familiar with online casinos know that each venue is powered by game software that accounts for graphics, quality of play and the like. Obviously, some developers are better than others, and this is the reason for the differences that can be noticed in the quality of game play at many venues. Playtech, however, is one of the top game software developers. The venues that are powered by Playtech software are among the top online casinos on the market.

Playtech offers venues and players over 150 casino games that are of the highest quality. From excellent graphics to terrific playability, Playtech powered games are the standard by which the rest of the industry judges itself by. It is for this reason that players who love playing casino style roulette turn to those venues that offer Playtech roulette. Anything less would be a disappointing substitute.

Playtech roulette comes in three different versions that players can choose from. These versions are American roulette, European roulette, and roulette pro. The difference between American and European roulette is the fact that the American version has two additional squares represented by zero and double zero (the European version has one additional, zero numbered square). Playtech roulette also features a version called roulette pro. These games have a range of patterns (all in French) and just a single zero.

Playtech Roulette Games List

The graphics that accompany Playtech roulette games are first-rate. Once play begins, players are given an up close view of the roulette wheel. The detail of the graphics will remind players of the quality of graphics that are found with high end video games. Players will almost feel that they can reach through their computer screens and spin the wheel themselves.

Additionally, Playtech roulette games come with a game history feature. For those who want to be able to view the number hits that a game has had, this feature will allow players to determine this. This feature comes with all versions of Playtech roulette games. This feature is a particularly nice touch. Players are always suspicious of whether a game actually pays out or not. This feature alleviates that concern. Players of Playtech roulette can play with the confidence that the game is fair.

The Playtech brand carries a reputable distinction that is recognized throughout the online casino gaming industry. For this reason and others, those players who enjoy playing roulette online choose Playtech roulette. With Playtech roulette, players are ensured of an entertaining experience with ever spin of the wheel. Playtech roulette successfully captures the thrill and excitement that comes with challenging the odds in the great game of chance.

Playtech European Roulette

Playtech European Roulette
Playtech American Roulette

Playtech American Roulette

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