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European Roulette

The European roulette has a wheel which has a total of thirty seven pockets as compared to the thirty eight pockets of the American roulette wheel.

These pockets of the European version of the game are from one to thirty six and an additional pocket for zero. These pockets are alternately coloured in black and red for the purpose of placing multiple bets at any given time. The zero pockets however are green coloured pockets as opposed to the red and black pockets of the other numbers. The European roulette is more popularly known as the “single zero roulette”.

What you essentially have to do, while playing the game is to calculate which pocket the ball will fall on depending on the speed of the ball and the time it has been released at. It is basically a predictive game depending on multiple variations that cab be solved by a manner of permutation and combinations. After you have placed your bet, you will have to predict the number of the pocket, the ball will fall in. If your prediction matches that of the real ball, then you win and get cash chips in return of your bet chips.

The European roulette really supports very simple rules and regulations. You are allowed to bet on a single number, a couple of numbers, a combination of numbers etc. Then you are also needed to state the colour of the number, whether red or black and state if the number will be even or odd. The best part is that in the European roulette the house edge is much lower than the American roulette. The chances of the ball landing in any pocket is one is to thirty six in comparison to the one to thirty eight of the American one. Therefore a player has more chances of winning than losing in the European one.

The European game is similar to the American one in that, you can place both inside as well as outside bets. There are fields on the table and you can place the bet either inside the field or, if you want to, outside the table. The backlog here is that you can never change your bet once your bet has been placed and the roulette wheel spun. If before spinning you wish to change then you may, no matter whether you have already placed your bet or not.

The inside bets usually are bets that can be made on the 0 of the wheel. These are therefore the straight bets and have the pay off 35 to 1. Also split bets can be placed while inside the field. These bets will give you a gain of seventeen to one. The other bet that can be placed on the inside one is the street bet where the payoff will be eight is to one. For the outside bets zero is not qualified and colour bets become prevalent. The payoff is very less in these bets and may be even two to one.

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