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Playtech Mini Roulette

Playtech Mini roulette game online is a fun mini-version of a full Roulette table and wheel.

Based on the European wheel, with a single zero the wheel offer a total of 13 numbers, including 0. Game play is a little different, with play incorporating something of the la Partage Rule: hitting zero means that 50% of all other bets are returned, whilst the payout structure gives altered payout ratios to the full game. This can be of considerable benefit to players when you consider that the payback on mini roulette is 11:1 as there are only 13 numbers that could potentially come up, whilst one of those numbers (0) offering a 50% payback refund.

The features of Playtech Mini Roulette include:

  • Intuitive play-screen and clear graphics.
  • Zoom animation: as a feature of the player screen, enabling close-up tracking of the ball in play.
  • Single player option: there is no multiplayer option available; this mini roulette is a single player game.
  • Full download version: this version offers a more graphically enhanced game experience.
  • Free-play as well as real money mode: in selected casinos which offer the Playtech Mini Roulette, there is a free mode as well as a real money mode. The free mode can be of particular benefit to those new to roulette or to the Playtech gaming platform.
  • Last numbers board: this useful addition presents a schedule of the most recent spin outcomes.
  • Funded play can start from as little as a $/€/£1 bet, with a table maximum of $/€/£300.

Playing mini roulette can be a good option for getting to know the basic rudiments of roulette (notwithstanding the altered betting and payout options of the mini version) or in just getting to grips with on-line casino gaming.

Playtech Mini Roulette

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