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Playtech French Roulette

Playtech French roulette rules and playtech French roulette game review at Win Roulette Online.

The Playtech French Roulette game follows the tradition of the popular European wheel of 37 numbers, including the single zero and allowing a return of 37:1 on a single number bet. Many of the casino's hosting the Playtech French Roulette allow the players to decide when the wheel is spun, allowing a very French laid-back style for unhurried enjoyment of the game. Playtech's version of French Roulette does incorporate the La Partage rule, when a zero hit means that only half the stake in any even-money bets are lost, whilst general betting includes both inside and outside bets as standard.

With Playtech's French Roulette, many of the game's betting options are hosted using their very atmospheric French names, such as Plein, Cheval and Transverale de Quatre, all of which adds to the ambiance of the continental and very international feel of this enhanced casino game-play, whilst the graphics on the screen clearly indicate all requirements of players, so there is no language barrier. For example the minimum sign present on the player's game screen indicated the table minimum bet requirement.

Playtech's clearly laid-out player screen offers a button panel to the lower left of the screen making clear the bets, the coverage and the odds available. Other graphics include clear visuals of the ball in play and, with some versions, additional play statistics for those strategists amongst the players. The interface is extremely user-friendly and offers a real balance between quality animation to reflect the authentic action and atmosphere of a casino, plus the graphics required to make the game of French roulette user-friendly in an on-line format.

Playtech French Roulette

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