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Playtech European Roulette

Based on the popular standard European Roulette of single zero wheel and house edge of 2.70%, Playtech offer their on-line European Roulette experience.

The game offers clear graphics and several basic benefits for ease of play, including:

  • Zoom animation: fully incorporated into the player screen, to facilitate close-up of the ball action.
  • Single and multiplayer options: for optional gaming enjoyment.
  • Free-play as well as real money mode: in selected casinos which offer the Playtech European Roulette, there is a free mode which can be particularly helpful for anyone who is new to the game and may want to spend time learning about roulette rules and the game-play of the Playtech system without worrying about losing whilst learning!
  • Last numbers board: a useful addition, presenting a schedule of the most recent spin outcomes.
  • Funded play can start from as little as a $/€/£1 bet, with a table maximum of $/€/£300.

Payouts for Playtech European Roulette are based on standard European payout schedules as follows:

Straight up bet (one number) 35:1
Split bet 17:1
Street bet 11:1
Square bet 8:1
Six-number line bet 5:1
Column bet 2:1
Dozen bet 2:1
Even-money bet 1:1

Playtech European Roulette options also generally include a chat facility for interaction with other players and a history option, so that you can check not only on the ball outcomes, but also the dates, bets and results of any of your previous game rounds to add both to your fun and any strategic play you may be working on!

Playtech European Roulette

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