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Playtech American Roulette

Playtech American roulette game online review and playtech American roulette rules at Win Roulette Online.

Playtech American Roulette is based on the American double zero table option, which includes the numbers 1 – 36 in a standard red / black organization (numbers paired and opposite each other), as well as 0 and 00 slots, designated opposite each other on the wheel in green and both included in play.

The features of the Playtech platform include:

  • Intuitive interface and clear graphics.
  • Zoom animation: as a feature of the player screen, enabling close-up tracking of the ball in play.
  • Single and multiplayer options: for optional gaming enjoyment.
  • Full download version: this version offers a more graphically enhanced game experience.
  • Free-play as well as real money mode: in selected casinos which offer the Playtech American Roulette, there is a free mode as well as a real money mode. The free mode can be of particular benefit to those new to American Roulette or to the Playtech gaming platform.
  • Last numbers board: this useful addition presents a schedule of the most recent spin outcomes.
  • Funded play can start from as little as a $/€/£0.10 bet, with a table maximum of $/€/£300 (but do expect casino-specific variation to this).

The player screen is both user-friendly and click-efficient, to allow for a realistic pace and excitement. Standard American Roulette betting is facilitated, with both inside bets of Straight Up; Split Bet; Street Bet; Corner Bet; Four Bet and Line Bet available, whilst 'outside' bets allowed are Colum Bet; Dozen Bet and Even Money bets – all of the popular options which make on-line American Roulette as exciting as the real thing!

Playtech American Roulette

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