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Microgaming Roulette Royale

Microgaming Roulette Royale offers the European (single zero) wheel, as well as enhanced betting excitement from a $/£/€1 side bet progressive jackpot.

Whilst the standard roulette game is played, a $1 side wager is placed on hitting the same number a number of times in succession. Whilst the jackpot requires the same number being hit an amazing five times, there are payouts for a number coming out more than once, with the basic bonus versions having a standard payout schedule of:

  • Same number twice in succession pays $/£/€15.
  • Same number three times in succession pays $/£/€200.
  • Same number four times in succession pays $/£/€300
  • Five times hits your jackpot!

By using basic calculation methods, it is possible to work out the chances of hitting successive individually to ensure that the $/£/€1 stake is a positive expectation bet and this interestingly means that in theory, the higher the jackpot, the more chance there is of you gaining a positive expectation bet!

The key numbers come from the basic odds of getting the same number five times in succession which, on a single zero wheel, lie at 69,343,956:1. If the jackpot lies above this figure, ie: $/£/€69,343,956 then you would have a mathematically positive expectation bet, as well as a very personal hopeful one! However, the side bet is mandatory in order to be in with any chance of hitting the jackpot - just playing the roulette itself is not enough to qualify you!

Strategic play is assisted by the very user-friendly interface and the clear graphics of Microgaming's Roulette Royale table. There is the opportunity for some level of personalization within the sounds and speeds of the table action, plus there is the facility for auto-play and "neighbor" bets, all of which helps to make Microgaming's Roulette Royale game a player-friendly roulette option.

Microgaming Roulette Royale

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