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Microgaming Live Roulette

Far from on-line casino gaming being an "isolating" experience, Microgaming Live Roulette offers fully interactive options to players, to facilitate the ultimate "virtual" casino experience.

Visually, there are not so many of the Microgaming "Gold" roulette series enhancements, but the general table play offers well presented, largely user-friendly features, whilst of course the 'live' aspect offers a visual dealer / croupier as part of the virtual casino ambiance.

The Roulette itself is a European Roulette table, so standard European bets and payouts apply to play. During game-play, the live facility includes an enhancement on real life: the option of playing multiple tables at any one time! There is full 'casino view' available, as one of six adjustable settings to enhance the video quality of the live experience, including enlarging specific areas. There is a very large table area for clear visuals of the betting and roulette action, live dealer and dealer casino backdrop and a bet limit range for responsible gaming. The one aspect that is not available from your live dealer though, is chat: with Microgaming Live Roulettte there is no dealer chat currently on offer.

However, Microgaming Live Roulette does offer a real-time pace: the time to place bets is a nifty thirty seconds! Although full casino download is available for live-play, more recently browser-play has become possible as part of featured live play, so downloads of full software is not necessary to enjoy the live play feature. Bear in mind though, that if your own broadband speed is not too clever, you may need to update this to keep up to speed with browser live-play!

The last thing to be aware of is that Microgaming Live Roulette does not feature any free play, it is funded play only, so it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with Roulette's basic rules and routines first, before 'going live'.

Microgaming Live Roulette

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