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Microgaming French Roulette Gold

With their recent revamp of their games, Microgaming now offer a "Gold Series" of Roulette games, including Microgaming French Roulette Gold.

The game still presents as the traditional French roulette with its single zero wheel and low-house edge which makes for French Roulette one of the most popular casino tables, but Microgaming's Gold standard now offers additional player features which include:

  • Single as well as multiplayer: for optional gaming enjoyment.
  • Zoom animation: an inset zoom window shows a close-up of the ball action.
  • Free-play as well as real money mode: in selected casinos which offer the Microgaming French Roulette Gold, there is a free mode which can be particularly helpful for those new to the game, who want to spend time becoming familiar with both roulette rules and the game-play of the Microgaming system. It is also particularly useful for helping to get to grips with the 'La Partage' rule, which is offered in most French Roulette games using the Microgaming platform.
  • Last numbers board: showing a schedule of the most recent spin outcomes.
  • Expert play option: allows favored betting patterns to be saved and then restored to the table within a couple of clicks – much faster than clicking on individual chips to set preferred betting patterns.

Finally, Microgaming's Gold standard of this popular game includes significantly advanced graphics and sound, a real add-on to the casino atmosphere attempted by other versions of the game and certainly an enhancement to the on-line play experience! Where you can, go for Gold!

Microgaming French Roulette Gold

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