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Microgaming French Roulette

Microgaming French roulette game online is similar in wheel set up to European Roulette, having a single zero wheel.

French Roulette is highly popular in casinos, offering as it does a house edge of 1.35% on even money bets.

Genuine French Roulette is signified by the numbers on the play table all being red, whilst play includes the La Partage rule, often known as the 'European Surrender Rule.' A variation of the 'En-Prison' rule, the La Partage rule applies to 'even money' bets only and means that if the spin outcome is zero, the player loses only half of their bet. The remaining stake is then removed, unlike the 'En-Prison' rule, where it remains in its betting place. Although this rule is pertinent to French roulette, the rule itself is not used within all French games in on-line casinos so you will need to find one that does offer this if this is part of this rule is part of your passion for French Roulette.

Both 'inside' and 'outside' betting is permitted in Microgaming French Roulette, with 'inside' betting referring to those wagers that sit within the wheel layout: the numbers between 0 – 36 (also known as a "straight bet"; whilst 'outside' bets refer to other bets, such as red or black, odd or evens, as well as combination bets that can be played on combinations of numbers, usually as designated by the 'outside' betting table. For example, 'line' bets cover a combination of six numbers that appear in two adjacent rows of the outside betting table, whilst 'column' bets work in the same way by covering the whole column of numbers on the outside table. To place such a bet, the chip is placed at the bottom of the column.

Finally, there are standard payout schedules for the variations of betting and most Microgaming French Roulette casinos will have a payout schedule that players can check out.

Microgaming French Roulette

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