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Microgaming European Roulette

Microgaming European roulette game is based on UK roulette and offers 36 possible numbers from 1-36 in red / black and 0 in green.

The Microgaming European Roulette game follows this set up and offers the traditional European house edge of 2.70%. This lower house edge makes the European Roulette table a popular option for play in the Microgaming sites.

Since updating their platform to create the new "Gold Series", Microgaming technology offers a considerably real-play option for European Roulette, including casino play 'sounds' and an adjustable speed option. The table play is highly visible, with the graphics enabling clarity when betting and watching the play, including an additional inset which offers a close-up of the ball's position, allowing the excitement of tracking the ball in play! Overall player view can be enhanced by using the "edit layout" function of the Microgaming European Roulette Gold, giving players an optimum view of both the wheel and the betting table. Usefully added is a list of past spin outcomes and percentage of layout covered by the bet.

Because of its single zero, there is a 37:1 chance of success in a straight bet (single number) or 2.70% etc. Do take a while to check out the payout odds as these are helpful in understanding how the betting systems work on European Roulette, as this can be particularly helpful to new or strategic players. Likewise, general Roulette rules apply, but beginners should be encouraged to familiarize themselves with these before trying out the Microgaming European Roulette, as the game rules and betting types and procedures can be a little confusing to start with. Some on-line casinos offer the chance to play for fun, rather than for real money and this can present a great opportunity to learn the game to start to understand the process.

Microgaming European Roulette

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