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Microgaming American Roulette

American Roulette involves a roulette wheel that usually has 36 stops numbered 1 – 36 in red / black plus two additional stops: 0 and 00, marked in green.

From this US casino-playing tradition is borne the Microgaming American Roulette which follows the same principles, including the high house edge that comes with the extra zero slot: a substantial 5.26% when compared to the 2.70% of European Roulette. Despite the random number generator incorporated into the game, some betting (such as the five number bet) can offer a house-edge of a significant 7.89%!

This increased house-edge seems to be largely the reason why Microgaming American Roulette is one of the least popular versions of on-line roulette. This appears to have been largely recognized by Microgaming who have updated most of their other casino games to a "Gold Series" version, which includes improved graphics, but have left their American Roulette out of this revamp round.

In Microgaming American Roulette, general roulette rules apply, as well as basic odds and betting strategies.. Due the 36-stop wheel, every single number offers a 35:1 payout, whilst a split (2 numbered bet) offers a payout of 17:1. If you are looking to place low risk bets whilst getting used to the play of American Roulette, then bets placed on black; odd; even; 1 to 18 and 19 to 36 generally have payouts of 1:1, as their winning probability of 47.37% makes these stakes a comparatively low risk gamble.

Lastly, do be aware of ensuring that you make the your choice of play currency at the time of registering as a player, particularly if you wish to pay in an alternative currency than that which applies to your home address, otherwise you will find that the majority of Microgaming sites will default you to payment in your home currency.

Microgaming American Roulette

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