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Play Roulette Online and Win Roulette Online

Win Roulette Online – your online roulette guide. Play roulette games online like a Pro. Roulette systems, tips, online games, best roulette casino bonuses and rules.

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Roulette is actually a "small wheel" in French. This name has been used for the gambling game which uses a small wheel to decide who, rather which number, the winner is. It is the most wanted casino game and along with the blackjack table the popularity of roulette has increased over the years. In the game, the players will have to bet some money on any one or a series of numbers.

Say you bet on the number 5 or the numbers 7 and 10 in the first go. Then they will ask you to decide which colour you want red or black and take into consideration whether your number is even or odd. Now, the croupier will spin a small wheel which has all the numbers. The wheel can be spun in any one particular direction only. Then a small white ball is spun in the other direction and left on the spinning wheel. The ball will ultimately rest on any one of the 37 European Roulette (UK roulette) or 38 American Roulette (USA roulette) pockets and the number and colour of that pocket determines the winner.

Nowadays roulette can be even played online and you need not got to any casino physically to make some money out of your luck. Essentially, you have to buy some chips to start playing. In the online roulette version the technique is the same; you buy chips of a colour and place your bet. As soon as you win, you get the chips exchanged with cash chips. These chips, when shown on the counter, will fetch you hard cash and you go home happily.

The Best Online Casinos in the UK – Play Roulette Games Online

Rank Online Casino Bonuses Percent Rating Games Download
1. Red Flush Online Casino Roulette Red Flush Casino £150 100% 10 450+ Download
2. Online Casino Plex Roulette Casino Plex £500 100% 10 200+ Download
3. 32Red Online Casino Roulette 32Red Casino £320 133% 10 450+ Download
4. All Slots Online Casino Roulette All Slots Casino £200 100% 10 450+ Download
5. Betfred Online Casino Roulette Betfred Casino £200 100% 10 300+ Download
6. Go Wild Online Casino Roulette Go Wild Casino £200 100% 10 450+ Download
7. Omni Online Casino Roulette Omni Casino £100 100% 10 250+ Download
8. All Jackpots Online Casino Roulette All Jackpots £200 100% 10 400+ Download
9. Online Casino Tropez Roulette Casino Tropez £100 100% 10 300+ Download
10 Bet365 Online Casino Roulette Bet365 Casino £200 100% 10 500+ Download

Roulette Betting Strategies

However, there is more to roulette game just than playing roulette online or going to a casino to play roulette. There are types of bets, roulette strategies, roulette systems and procedures that one can follow to win in roulette online or offline. Outside and inside bets are the two types of bets that you can place on roulette. There are also the call bets or the called bets to look into. These bets are usually prevalent in the UK roulette and are the "voisins du zero", the "tiers", the "orphelins" and the "xx and the neighbours".

Betting strategies include the Labouchere system, the D’Alembert system, the Using the Dozen Bet, the 1st and 3rd column strategy and ultimately the mechanical strategy where the wheel is a biased one and can control the ball to fall in any desired slot. All of these strategies are used by the UK roulette gamblers, those who are really looking to loot the casino owners. It is very hard to win in roulette unless you are using some trick or you are a very lucky person. Other than that, as Albert Einstein had once said, "You cannot beat a roulette table unless you steal money from it". This is very true and after all, he was a genius.

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